501Carbon 501Carbon is a US-based NGO geared towards helping individuals, businesses, and communities adapt to climate change by utilizing market-based mechanisms and incentives. 501Carbon provides consulting to development sector organizations in order to access investment finance and carbon markets. 501Carbon possesses extensive expertise with project development and management, as well as finding new and innovative mechanisms to finance clean energy projects.
Ali Akbar Group Ali Akbar Group is the largest agricultural supply company in Pakistan; training, supporting, and supplying farmers throughout the country. AAG owns or operates over 2000 marketplaces throughout the Punjab province, thereby providing the local support necessary to purchase agricultural products directly from farmers fields.
PES International PES is a multidisciplinary planning, architectural, and engineering consulting company that provides an integrated approach to reliable project delivery in the evolving globalize world. PES has developed power (both renewable and traditional) projects in many of the countries that are now considered the most difficult markets to reach. PES has been in operation since 1973, and has worked throughout Asia and Africa with a number of partners from the US, EU, and China.
Umwelt Projekt Management GmbH UPM, headquartered in Munich, has been on the cutting edge of biomass collection, processing, and use within renewable energy projects. UPM currently runs Agrifuel: Pakistan’s first ever company for large-scale commercial biofuel production and supply. Agrifuel aims at contributing to a widespread fuel switch to bioenergy within the energy intensive sectors of the Pakistani economy.

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EnMass Energy creates value for its partners by owning and operating high-quality biomass power systems around the globe.

EnMass Energy's core value is to an harness indigenously available, energy-rich source of power-biomass- to create a value chain that will not only provide a reliable, and sustainable source of power and also lift entire communities out of poverty. EnMass Energy's unique value proposition is to deliver maximum social impact without comprising financial returns. We believe we have a responsibility to transform the future by producing energy that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. With demand for energy growing, together with increasingly scarce natural resources, developing home grown renewable resources like biomass is vital.

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