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A solution for your corporate recycling needs. And measurable outcomes to meet your ESG goals.

Consumers want to support companies that take actions to demonstrate their environmental stewardship. But companies face significant challenges recycling and diverting waste from landfills due to a recycling market not attuned to the complications of their businesses, as well as the complexities of sorting their wastes at various business locations. 

EnMass Energy connects technology, infrastructure, and expertise to connect recyclables and waste to the growing Waste-to-Energy market. We enable waste producers to divert their waste from landfills and connect that Waste-to-Energy projects. 

We can retrieve, store, and resell your recyclables and Waste-to-Energy producers looking for materials. We do this using our end-to-end supply chain technology. 

How EnMass Can Help You


Measurable, Real-time Outcomes for ESG Reporting

Our supply-chain technology platform enables you to track the materials you divert to us. Our platform has multiple business intelligence dashboards that track, in real-time, the impact of working with us for easy ESG reporting.

Location, location, location

Our platform helps de-complicate the sorting of waste materials at multiple locations.

APIs to Help your Company Manage Waste Diversion

Our platform helps you pinpoint valuable wastes at any company location, segment them, and divert them to us using your current waste management service providers.

EnMass can help you meet your ESG environmental goals by helping you divert waste from landfills and convert that waste to energy. Our world-class technological platform is designed to assist companies like yours achieve environmental wins.

Lets talk about how we can do this, together.

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