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Managing Waste-to-Energy projects just got a lot easier.

Waste-to-Energy projects are complicated. 

Supply chains in WtE are notoriously difficult to manage, with limited oversight of the process, reliance on a series of third party service providers, little market information on internal operations or the wider market, high costs within ad-hoc supply systems, and limited flexibility to adjust to market changes or disruptions. 

The EnMass Platform connects all the parties in Waste-to-Energy – suppliers, transporters, trucking companies, warehousing, processors, and last-mile deliveries – through a single, secure cloud-based platform. 


Operate More Efficient Supply Chains

Our platform makes Waste-to-Energy projects more efficient, digitizing every clients’ data and vetting procurement and transport to reduce the risk of supply chain failures. And by looking at performance data, we can advise on network infrastructure locations like collection, processing, and storage facilities allowing a growing system to move faster and more efficiently.

Locate Suppliers and Optimize Procurement

EnMass Energy offers access to thousands of suppliers that work with the dynamics of your supply chain. With services that span between farm, field, and factory, we have teams that can help you optimize waste procurement for cost, route, or transit time. Our platform allows you to select new and/or prioritize existing suppliers so the project operates at top efficiencies, which lowers costs. Did someone say lower cost? When your entire project is run on the EnMass platform, achieve cost efficiencies by having one middle man.

Work with Trusted Partners and Experience Supply Chain Transparency

EnMass Energy provides a platform for on-the-ground procurement partnerships with waste generating industries and organizations. Our Resource Procurement Services allow you to operate your business, using wastes we find and deliver to your existing collection sites.

Streamline Your Operations

The EnMass platform allows you real-time tracking of supply chain activities so you can manage day-to-day operations better

Maintain Quality Control

We customize quality control based on what is most important to your project, such as feedstock quality, overall cost of supply, and environmental impact of the supply chain. We can then monitor and control for those metrics. Our data-based approach allows increased flexibility among each link in the supply chain.

Supply Chain Experts, Ready to Assist

Our dedicated team of supply chain experts is here to support your platform experience. You’ll additionally have in-platform messaging capabilities to keep you up to date and in touch with your support team.

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The EnMass platform enables end-to-end supply management for your Waste-to-Energy project. With competitive pricing and tools for sourcing waste materials for energy projects, EnMass makes WtE projects more transparent, efficient, and 10x better.

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