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EnMass is a tech-enabled brokerage of waste commodities used in renewable energy and advanced recycling projects. We provide sourcing and supply chain services through our cloud-based platform that connects any type of waste to any type of energy project.

In Short

EnMass Overview

One of a kind platform

Our unique platform combines end-to-end supply management within a single digital system supercharged by data analytics, direct lines of communication, human-augmented support and supply chain transparency. We are making a new generation of WtE projects possible.

Enabling a Whole Market

Our software and emerging marketplace are both the premiere and only cloud-based solution enabling end-to-end supply management for Waste-to-Energy projects in North America. Our platform makes increasing numbers of projects feasible and easily manageable, replacing out-of-date systems previously managed on an as-needed, ad-hoc, paper-based way.

Agile Team

Our agile team, focused on delivering positive business and social impact, also brings the highest level of expertise to energy project supply chain management; an expertise we pour not only into our platform but is also available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Early stage opportunity

Investing in EnMass is a significant early stage opportunity to own a share of technology moving a whole industry forward.

Corporate Social Responsibility Built Right In

We’re tearing down barriers and enabling a whole new generation of Waste-to-Energy projects through our 21st century software solutions. If you’re looking for a Socially Responsible investment, we’re it. Read about our Climate and Sustainable Development Goal commitments.

Changing the game

Problems we solve

There is little to no service industry operating in the Waste-to-Energy space. Project developers and operators are undertaking one-off efforts to build supply chains for high value projects, and then struggling to manage them. Enter EnMass Energy. 

There are many moving parts within WtE supply chains, including specialized equipment, individual regulatory requirements around each type of waste, and numerous demands from transporters and 3rd party logistics companies. The lack of a service industry is prevalent across all types of WtE projects and markets – with ad hoc combinations of small service Producers taking on various roles and responsibilities to fit the existing industry gaps.

EnMass Energy changes all that.

Our proprietary software platform that performs multiple functions directly catered to the needs of the fast-growing Waste-to-Energy (WtE) industry. Our platform combines the features and strategies of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Transport Management System (TMS), and payment processing modules all within a single digital system supercharged by data analytics, direct lines of communication, human-augmented support and supply chain transparency.   


The Waste-to-Energy Market

Waste-to-Energy projects are a fast-growing field; there are roughly the same number of Waste-to-Energy projects operating in North America as there are solar projects above 2MW (~2500). These projects utilize many different types of waste; used tires, livestock waste, crop and harvest waste, plastics, wood, and food waste.

More and more developers are expanding their pipelines as utilities get involved, and industry groups like US Dairy and the National Chicken Council make commitments to go carbon neutral and address waste management within their industries.

Waste-to-Energy has always made good economic sense on paper, but there have been significant failures in the execution of projects. This is mainly due to supply chain challenges.

We Solve Problems

EnMass Supply Chain Expertise

EnMass Energy was originally founded in 2015 as a project developer for asset-based financing of Waste-to-Energy projects in developing countries.We spent years putting together a bankable portfolio projects and building out the supply chain strategy necessary to operate these projects.  We needed technology that would provide oversight of the supply chain from end-to-end; and when we couldn’t find software that could provide the level of management our projects required – we built it ourselves.

Our platform is 100% grounded in the problems we faced as international energy project developers. And our team was built to solve these problems, so we’re able to speak directly to customers’ needs, as we’ve faced their problems ourselves. 

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