Waste-to-Energy Market Update: 2021 In Review

EnMass Energy Commodity Market Update

The market continues to ebb and flow and no more do we see that than in plastics and fertilizers. The price of scrap plastic surpassed that of virgin plastic for the first time this year. Supply chain issues on virgin input material costs are to blame and fertilizer prices increased, putting a strain on use of poultry litter for waste to energy projects.

Otherwise, the market was mostly steady for scrap metals, used rubbers, and woody biomass. Read further to see the breakdown within each market.

Deep dive by commodity type

Scrap Metal

The three types of scrap metal stayed mostly in step with one another over the course of 2021. The biggest jump MoM was in June with a 10% increase, and the biggest drop MoM was in February with a decline of 7%.

Scrap Plastic

Most scrap plastics type followed a similar pattern in 2021, except for LDPE and LDPE-injectables which had a big spike in March then continued to rise until late Q3.


Fertilizer prices increased consistently throughout 2021. Costs for natural gas to produce it and supply shortage are mostly to blame. Prices are expected to continue to rise until world energy market prices even out.

Woody Biomass

With a rise in prices in Q1, the commodity market for woody biomass generally stayed constant for the remainder of the year.

Scrap Tires

The aggregated commodity market for different types of used tires saw little change throughout the course of 2021.

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