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Visionary Renewable Energy Producers, East Energy Renewables, Employ Innovative Software to Optimize Procurement Processes

Visionary Renewable Energy Producers, East Energy Renewables, Employ Innovative Software to Optimize Procurement Processes

FARMVILLE, N.C., Dec. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — EnMass Energy, a digital supply chain management company, is proud to announce their partnership with East Energy Renewables, helping them achieve their goals of leading and succeeding in the waste-to-energy (WTE) power sector. 

East Energy Renewables’ most significant challenge was collecting and managing data in a fragmented market for waste commodities. They define success as not losing any opportunity to create and capture renewable energy. They believe that EnMass’s solution will enable them to do that more effectively and efficiently.

By harnessing the power of EnMass Energy’s digital platform, designed specifically to manage and track waste to energy supply chain processes, East Energy Renewables is empowered to:

  • Digitize scheduling for their waste shipments to eliminate manual processes
  • Facilitate end-to-end transparency throughout the process
  • Create a single source of truth capable of managing multiple project sites simultaneously
  • Create benchmark data on vendors to improve and enhance their supply chain
  • Leverage real-time updates on the procurement process to remain dynamic and flexible
  • Create a simplified vendor payment solution

About East Energy Renewables

East Energy Renewables, located in Farmville, NC, is a leader in waste-to-energy project creation and execution. With the help of EnMass Energy’s software, their facilities are currently generating power with waste poultry litter used as feedstock.  They curate the entire WTE process in-house from machinery to supply acquisition, testing, and energy handling once it’s created.

Their vision is to fill the gaps in the energy market by facilitating waste-to-energy in the most productive, responsible, and accurate way.

“We are excited to digitize our end-to-end supply chain alongside EnMass Energy and create increased clarity and insight from the fragmented poultry waste market in North Carolina” said Richard Deming, CEO of East Energy Renewables.

About EnMass Energy

EnMass Energy is the leading software provider for businesses that want to optimize their waste-to-energy (WTE)  supply chains. And by digitizing their acquisition and transport process EnMass Energy helps their partners to save time and money.

The EnMass solution deploys mobile apps to vendors and provides WTE providers with a custom dashboard to track the entire process in real-time, thus eliminating process bottlenecks and streamlining the procurement process.

“EnMass Energy is excited to support East Energy Renewable’s initial project, as well as their further expansion into additional markets. The use of relevant data analytics to solve historically unmet supply chain problems in the waste procurement process should be an industry standard for any project operating or in development,” said the Founder and CEO of EnMass Energy, Andrew Joiner.

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