Waste Suppliers

Your waste is costing you money. What if you recycled it or could convert it to energy? The EnMass platform can help keep your waste out of the landfill for less than what you pay for traditional waste management solutions.

The majority of waste ends up in landfills. This waste comes at a cost. Waste management fees and transport affect your bottom line. Tipping fees are also an issue.

But if you’ve considered selling or recycling your organic or non-organic waste, you know you face challenges finding buyers, and further challenges determining if your waste is being recycled or responsibly disposed of. 

Reduce the cost of waste management with EnMass

The EnMass platform prices the value of wastes that can be used for energy purposes, and helps you connect with solutions that beat your current methods.

We help diverting your waste that still has value away from landfills for a lower cost than traditional waste management.


We’ll retrieve the waste from you

We work with existing waste management service providers, or can send trucks to collect your waste. We can efficiently collect, store, and process your energy fuels for delivery to multiple destinations.

We find the buyers for your waste

Our digital platform connects energy project managers with the waste products they are looking for for their projects.

We Provide Documentation and Reporting

We provide real-time verification and certification of wastes that are used for energy or recycled rather than landfilled. We issue digital certificates through our platform, and provide monthly and annual reports for Suppliers that are sending materials to EnMass.
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Download the Waste2X App to get started

Our digital platform can deliver cost-savings to you while keeping your waste out of the landfill. Get started by downloading the Waste2X app.

You can also learn more about the app here.

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