How EnMass came to be the digital solution for waste-to-value projects

We know your business because we are in your business. We’ve felt the same frustrations and dealt with the same roadblocks. Today, we’re working to make it easier for waste-to-value projects to succeed.

While Andrew Joiner was in the Middle East trying to source and schedule multiple waste to energy projects, he found himself running into the same roadblocks that delayed operation start dates:

  •         Scouring the internet for businesses with the right type of waste
  •         Requesting samples to test on equipment to determine energy output
  •         Cold calling new contacts for feedstock
  •         Reaching out to potential partners to try and establish relationships
  •         Often times the data online is incorrect, resulting in email kickbacks or out of service phone messages
  •         You can spend weeks trying to get just one person on the phone for a few minutes
  •         Managing the follow up for scheduled deliveries
  •         Using excel spreadsheets to keep a tab of supplier lists and contact details
  •         Following up with email and phone calls to confirm delivery dates
  •          No communication tracking for amount or price details to serve as a single source of truth during delivery
  •          Juggling the pick-up availability of waste with the capacity requirements of the equipment at the project sites
  •          Successful WtE projects run at full capacity 7 days a week, but waste suppliers operate on their own schedule
  •           It’s challenging to build a schedule that can be managed consistently and reliably without 1-2 full time hires to run


These challenges seemed well suited for a software solution, so he started searching for one.

When he concluded no such product existed, he left the waste to energy project management business and got to work on a digital, software solution specifically for sustainable fuel projects.

Our Leadership

Andrew Joiner
Andrew Joiner
Andrew is the founder and CEO of EnMass Energy, and has been working on solving the waste-to-energy problem since 2010. He founded EnMass Energy after spending almost a decade developing and operating waste-to-energy projects on 3 continents and realized that the lack of tech-enabled services for waste-to-energy projects is a true market failure. He is a steadfast supporter of the circular economy and has worked for the United Nations and the Obama Administration. He has graduate degrees from Vermont Law School and Duke University.
Ryan Dilts
Ryan Dilts
Ryan is the cofounder and COO of EnMass Energy, and was the first outside investor in the company. Ryan is a builder first and foremost. He has held founding and senior roles in various companies, including multiple successful exits. Prior to EnMass Energy, Ryan was the interim-CEO of a high-end furniture manufacturer, the COO of a fast growing consumer products company, and continues to be an angel investor in the Boulder area of Colorado. He creates hand-made furniture in what little free time he currently has.
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