Sustainable Energy Project Management Solution

Only EnMass Energy can digitally manage all the moving pieces of the procurement process for Waste-to-Value projects: scheduling, delivery details, CRM, and payments.

We provide a network of software solutions that bring all the players relevant to any project onto one single platform for:

Direct lines of communication

Real-time notifications

A single source of truth

Supply Chain Transparency

Our online dashboard gives clients more control over their supplies in motion than ever before – allowing them to better match supply and project operations, reducing working capital, enabling new project development, increasing business agility, and helping drive project growth.

Lower Supply Chain Costs

The EnMass platform helps optimize the Waste-to-Value supply chain by unlocking savings through full procurement and delivery information, as well as historical data. At the same time, access to all the purchase orders placed by our customer base allows us to consolidate fuel procurement activities, providing discounts to those with lower capacity at their project sites.

Integrated Payment Options

You can pay vendors directly using an in-app payment system, or simply track the status of all your supply chain invoices on the dashboard.


How to Digitize Your Procurement Process Using EnMass Platform:

By digitizing your procurement process you are giving your project managers more time to do what they do best. EnMass adds transparency and a single-source of truth to your process to eliminate back and forth with vendors, tedious tasks, and last minute deliveries.


Step 1:

Energy providers transition their procurement plan into the EnMass platform to begin building a delivery schedule from their network of feedstock suppliers and transporters.


Step 2:

Suppliers will be invited to download the EnMass app, which will be their connection to the process management software.



Step 3:

The project manager for the energy company will initiate requests, approvals, and declines- managing the whole chain of command within the EnMass platform, which sends messages directly to the respective party.

         Managers can see project details managed on the notifications page for up-to-date decisions, progress, or bottlenecks as they relate to their business.

By digitizing the process, WtE project owners are now empowered to:

  • Streamline their operations
  • Track their progress
  • Optimize their processes

Take our platform for a spin with one of our supply-chain experts. We’d love to show you what it can do for you.

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